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This Tubesca-Comabi PIR/PIRL aluminium platform is available with 2 to 5 steps. It provides access to a working height of up to 3m15. Its tubular design, compact size and unrestricted rear access make this platform a lightweight product that can be used in confined spaces. It has a rigid semi-automatic guardrail and integrated toeboards to ensure user safety. 27cm when folded, it is easy to store. The rear stand is designed to pass over obstacles. It complies with the PIRL 93-353, EN 131-7 standards and Decree 2004-924 and is NF certified. * The 2- and 3-step models are not provided with stabilisers.
  • Solid guardrail.
  • Stabilizers with a patented millimetric adjustment system.
  • The rear stand has been designed for working above obstacles (except for 2-step model).
  • Non-slip 490 x 400 mm platform with integrated toeboards (height: 100 mm).
  • Ribbed non-slip steps crimped in place (width: 60 mm).
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Delivered in shrink film with POS brochure. The platform is counted as a step. Models 02272512 and 02272513 do not have stabilizers.

Max work / access height (m)

Ref : 02272512Platform height (m) : 0,51Designation : PROFORT - fixed guardrail - 2 steps
Width with stabilizers folded : 0,63Folded product height (m) : 1,73Number of rungs / steps : 2
Weight (kg) : 12,90kgWork / access height (m) : 2,51mEAN barcode : 3178740099688
Ref : 02272513Platform height (m) : 0,70Designation : PROFORT - fixed guardrail - 3 steps
Width with stabilizers folded : 0,63Folded product height (m) : 1,92Number of rungs / steps : 3
Weight (kg) : 14,20kgWork / access height (m) : 2,70mEAN barcode : 3178740099718
Ref : 02272514Platform height (m) : 0,93Designation : PROFORT - fixed guardrail - 4 steps
Width with stabilizers folded : 0,74Folded product height (m) : 2,18Number of rungs / steps : 4
Weight (kg) : 17,40kgWork / access height (m) : 2,93mEAN barcode : 3178740099749
Ref : 02272515Platform height (m) : 1,15Designation : PROFORT - fixed guardrail - 5 steps
Width with stabilizers folded : 0,74Folded product height (m) : 2,43Number of rungs / steps : 5
Weight (kg) : 18,70kgWork / access height (m) : 3,15mEAN barcode : 3178740099770
Technical featuresDescription
Type of floorFlat floor
Max access / working height (m)3,15m
Dimensions platform (mm)490x400mm
Dimension stairs / steps (mm)60mm
Maximum load (kg)150kg
Warranty (years)5
StandardPIRL NFP 93353
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