CNIT – Paris


Refurbishing of the building's waterproofing.

  • Since its avant-garde construction, this building located in the middle of the La Défense district has undergone many transformations from an exhibition centre to today's situation: office activities, seminar and exhibition rooms, hotels and restaurants.
  • Over time, the rooftop became less waterproof and it was essential, to preserve this strong signal from La Défense, to completely restore its waterproofing. The first constraint was the building's very particular shape. The second is the fact that the CNIT's activity was not interrupted and that the safety of people passing by the façades had to be protected.


Pure "Made-to-measure"!

The challenge: to follow the curves and volumes of the free-standing vault. Take the building's dimensional variability into account.

The entire project involved combining rooftop scaffolding, a platform and an edge scaffolding following the entire curve and shape, thereby ensuring the safety of the professionals carrying out the repairs and passers-by at the foot of the CNIT. This successful project involved more than 2000 specific components in all. This structure gave complete satisfaction and helped to restore this mythical place to a new life in complete safety.

Photos of the project







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