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Our Customer Services department handles service, product and customer issues.

Our After-Sales Service department is responsible for maintenance and repairs to our products after the guarantee period throughout their life under normal operating conditions. It also dispatches and issues invoices for parts not found in the catalog.

We have listed the most common questions in categories below to give you the answers you need. The answer to your question can probably be found here.

Your request concerns:

Do you want to read or download user instructions?
Log into your account to find all the assembly instructions available for free download. To make things even easier, visit our YouTube channel and watch assembly videos. Note that all professionals must have the manufacturer's assembly instructions on site.

How can I check the safety of my products?
All our products meet the requirements of decrees, standards and quality labels. You can find more details in our latest blog article or download our check sheets for light access products: ladders, stepladders and platforms.

My product has a functional defect

If your product has a defect relating to its assembly, appearance, riveting, dimensions or other issue, we will ship it back to our premises at our expense for expert inspection to identify the problem, as long as the guarantee is still active.

Depending on the result of the inspection, the product is either repaired or replaced and returned to you free of charge if we are clearly liable.If the product is found to be compliant, an invoice for reconditioning is issued – see the Repairs section.

I am a user of your products and want to replace a part. What do I do?
If the part is included in the composition of the product in our catalog, contact your distributor to place an order. Otherwise, contact the Tubesca-Comabi after-sales service department directly.

My product is no longer in your catalog. Can I still obtain parts?
When we stop producing a product, we are committed to ensuring parts remain available for a period equivalent to the guarantee period indicated in the catalog. Beyond this time, the after-sales service department can respond to your needs.

I am a user of your products and want to have a product repaired. What do I do?
Your distributor returns the product to our premises at your expense. The product is analysed in our test laboratory to prepare an estimate if the product is repairable.
Hoists are sent to our Trévoux site. If the repair is refused, we invoice one hour's labour + shipping costs.
All other products are sent to our Ailly-sur-Noye site. The product is returned after repair free of charge with an open order. If repair is not required, the product is returned as-is, freight collect.

I would like my product analysed to confirm or detect an abnormality.
Your distributor returns the product to our premises at your expense.
An analysis is conducted to identify the problem and prove or disprove its presence. If a real problem is found with the product: Tubesca-Comabi repairs or replaces the product under guarantee at its own expense.

I am a customer who has made a mistake in an order. I want to cancel the order, or the product is not what I want.
Products can be returned subject to certain conditions:
• The products must be new, in their original packaging and returned within 15 days of delivery.
• The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the products to our premises.
• Complete the return form and send it to the customer service department, who will send you a return authorisation with a number that must be indicated on the returned product.
• The customer is responsible for the cost of postage of the return authorisation.
When you receive the return authorisation from the customer service department, the products can be returned. A credit will then be issued, minus a 20% deduction. This deduction may be higher if reconditioning is required.

My product was delivered broken or damaged. What can I do?
The goods sold are considered to comply with the order and to have been accepted by the Buyer if, within eight working days of their receipt, no written complaint has been sent to the Seller. In the case of deliveries that are non-compliant or subject to dispute, complaints must be made in writing within this time to the customer service department, accompanied by a receipt annotated with detailed reservations*.
*Reservations must indicate the exact reference of the damaged or missing product and the exact nature of the damage.
Damage in transport We remind you that all deliveries (even those made directly to your customer) must be checked thoroughly when unloaded:
• Check the number of packages,
• Compare the details of the equipment with the delivery note,
• Check the condition of the goods received, even if they are in plastic film,
• Describe the damage to each product reference.
If there are no qualitative and quantitative reservations on the shipper's receipt, the complaint will not be accepted. The phrases "subject to checking when unpacking" or "subject to inspection" are not accepted by shipping insurers. The applicable French law does not recognise hidden damage; only defects that can be observed on delivery are taken into account. If damage occurs during transport, the reservations must be stated on the shipper's consignment note or receipt, specifying the nature and extent of the damage: the phrase "subject to unpacking, damage or counting" has no legal value. Hidden damage caused by impact or rough handling may take place without necessarily producing visible deterioration in the packaging. It is therefore essential to unpack the goods completely on receipt, and to suspend acceptance if necessary for a joint inspection with the shipper in the event of any dispute. The reservations must be confirmed to the shipper in accordance with the provisions of article L 133-3 of the French Commercial Code. If these provisions are not complied with, the recipient loses all rights in relation to the shipper, and the Seller cannot be called on to take over the shipper's liability.

My order is incomplete:
For example, a package is missing:
The transport conditions apply. Complaints must be stated on the shipper's receipt on delivery, with detailed reservations specifying the product reference and the nature of the problem.
Otherwise the complaint cannot be accepted, because we have no grounds for action against our shippers.
For example, an incorrect product reference or an unordered product:
The customer service department arranges the product return at our expense and a credit is issued on receipt.

What are the terms of our product guarantees?
Goods are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects throughout the period stated in the catalogues and price lists in force when the order is placed. In the case of hidden faults or defects, the guarantee is limited to the repair (return to our premises) or replacement of any element found to be defective, at the choice of the Seller, excluding any reimbursement or compensation for associated costs such as labour and/or exchange costs, costs resulting from equipment immobilisation and/or damages with interest. Important: It is important that you keep your proof of purchase (invoice or delivery order) as you will need it for the application of your guarantee. Interventions under the guarantee do not extend its application. For guarantee work to be undertaken, the faulty product or element must first be returned to the Seller at the Buyer's expense. The Seller will assume responsibility once its analysis confirms that the product is defective. In the event of a complaint, the Buyer does not have the right to delay payment or make any deductions from the sums due.
In addition to the terms specified in paragraph 6 of our general terms and conditions of sale, we guarantee our equipment as shown in our catalogues (except special clauses agreed between the customer and ourselves) against any manufacturing or material defects, excluding: wearing parts; wear caused by lack of maintenance, impact, errors or inexperience; use of the equipment under conditions judged to be non-compliant.

Technical support is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 to 5 pm to identify problems or offer solutions. The customer service and after-sales service departments are staffed by professionals trained in the technical aspects of Tubesca-Comabi products.
The team has all the skills needed to guide you towards a solution. If your request concerns:

- Ladders

- Stepladders

- Platforms

- Mobile aluminium scaffolding towers: SPEEDY, INSIDER, TOTEM, SK4/6/10

The department can be contacted on 09 69 32 35 40

- Fixed scaffoldings

- Hoists


The department can be contacted on 04 74 08 89 69


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