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As France's leading manufacturer of access and height solutions, we work in partnership with a huge distribution network.
We offer a very wide range of equipment to meet all your customers' needs.
Our deep ranges offer users of our products a wide choice to suit their individual concerns of profitability, productivity and safety regardless of their trade: structural work, construction and public works, maintenance, finishing.
Our design office and our product engineers work tirelessly to offer custom solutions in response to project-specific applications.
Innovation is an integral part of our history. Every year we offer our customers new solutions thanks to our product innovations.
To support you in the sale of our products, we offer advanced training on the ground or through distance learning. We can also contribute to technical bids or take part in customer meetings requiring specific technical expertise.
In addition, we can work with you to establish dedicated action plans to help you achieve your objectives (e.g. telesales, technical days and specific promotions) together with relevant, modern communication materials.
Stocking Groupe Tubesca-Comabi brands gives you the assurance of being able to meet all your customers' needs and the benefit of sales support across all our innovative, high-quality products.

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Discover Tubesca-Comabi, the height access solutions leader

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Designed and manufactured in France in our 3 factories.

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Our products meet the most high standards of quality.

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