2024 catalogue
Boost flexibility with the FLEX'UP range

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2024 catalogue
Boost flexibility with the FLEX'UP range
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For more than 60 years, we have been putting all our energy into designing high-performance height access solutions and innovate to imagine tailored services to your needs.


A tailor-made training program to help you build skills.


A tailor-made training program to help you build skills.

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Meca Modul®, the right answer

Tubesca-Comabi has completed its range with new products for rooftops and terraces.

Veloce, the ultra-mobile platform

Our large-scale projects


Deployment of a scaffolding for thermal insulation from outside the building.

Our large-scale projects


A scaffolding structure combined with a temporary rooftop

The building's elevation on 2 levels, to a height of 6m, represented major masonry and steel structure work. In addition, external thermal insulation work (ITE) was carried out on the entire building.

The challenge: to build a scaffolding structure with a temporary rooftop to protect the work site during the work. This has now been done, through the use of a temporary crane-liftable protection system known as the "Master 2 umbrella".

Our large-scale projects


With this work site, Tubesca-Comabi faced several difficulties:
To begin with, it is essential to ensure proper working conditions for the restoration contractor. Secondly, the fragility and height of the building was an important issue. As also was the floor space requirement. Finally, Tubesca-Comabi had to take wind resistance into account.


The solution implemented by Tubesca-Comabi is based on the M368: multi-directional scaffolding, particularly suitable for complex projects.

Our large-scale projects

Erect scaffolding to the highest point of "the city of a hundred bell towers"

The Rouen cathedral is an emblematic monument of French historical heritage. Its cast iron spire alone is 61m high and reaches a peak of 152m. Its structure is reinforced with Corten steel, following consolidation work undertaken in 1976 to increase its wind resistance. In 2015, the Haute-Normandie DRAC undertook a complete restoration operation on the spire, which was once again weakened.

Our large-scale projects


Refurbishing of the building's waterproofing.

  • Since its avant-garde construction, this building located in the middle of the La Défense district has undergone many transformations from an exhibition centre to today's situation: office activities, seminar and exhibition rooms, hotels and restaurants.

Designed and manufactured in France in our 3 factories.

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