Aubervilliers Chimney


With this work site, Tubesca-Comabi faced several difficulties:
To begin with, it is essential to ensure proper working conditions for the restoration contractor. Secondly, the fragility and height of the building was an important issue. As also was the floor space requirement. Finally, Tubesca-Comabi had to take wind resistance into account.


The solution implemented by Tubesca-Comabi is based on the M368: multi-directional scaffolding, particularly suitable for complex projects.

In Aubervilliers, the M368's 8 directional positions were used to adjust to the circular building. It thus follows the structure's contours so as to facilitate work and limit the impact of wind. It was anchored by a 30cm circular concrete slab cast on the ground to compensate for the scaffolding's vertical load distribution.


The Aubervilliers M368's facts and figures:

  • 24 levels, a 48m supply tower built into the scaffolding
  • 15,000 items for a total weight of 80 metric
  • In the chimney: floors with 80×80 access trapdoors, 0.40cm to 1m offset consoles to work as close as possible to the inner wall


In the context of this project, engineers and technicians created a specific part to provide a better response to needs: struts to prevent the collars from sliding.

This work site's facts and figures:

  • 5 months in all for the Aubervilliers scaffolding
  • 4 weeks for the Design Office to design the solution
  • 6 weeks, only, to carry out the erection

Photos of the project


Aubervilliers Chimney


Historical Monuments Renovation



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