Gangways and walkways


  • The construction of the new building in which the operator's teams have been accommodated in Plaine Saint-Denis, has, on its roof, a number of pipes for the flow of fluids. Building standards require that the contours on the rooftops of buildings and walkways over cooling facilities and piping should be as safe as possible with pathways being created.
  • It was not possible to drill the flat rooftop either, as this would have posed a risk of infiltration.


  • The customised solution proposed by Tubesca-Comabi can be adjusted to all heights or widths to be spanned. The specifications required that, even along these special pathways, maintenance operators would not at any time be at risk of falling. As drilling was prohibited, the solution was to use sufficiently heavy ballast weights. Each structure has been specifically designed in accordance with dimensional requirements and provided with guardrails with fall protection rails and under-rails.

The customer's opinion

«While access to the roofs is not on a daily basis, the regulations must be strictly applied and it is Tubesca-Comabi's proposal that best met our specifications, whose requirements in terms of safety of use were paramount. We thank their teams who, in addition to design and manufacturing, took care of the installation on the rooftop. »




Telephone operator


Plaine Saint-Denis(93)

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