Air Force vehicle maintenance gangway


The Air Force has to keep the equipment that may be required to be used at any time in full operating condition.

  • Maintaining Shelter vehicles provided with missile launchers and highly sophisticated radar systems.
  • The design of these vehicles is often complex with multi-level access points all around trucks. For this purpose, maintenance teams must be able to access each station to be maintained in complete safety.
  • As vehicles can be of various sizes, an all-purpose solution had to be offered.


Wheeled modules that can be positioned side by side as needed to completely surround vehicles undergoing maintenance.

  • Some modules are access structures, while others are passage and work structures. The height of each of them corresponds to the exact size of trucks, creating a space around the vehicle that widens the working area in complete safety.
  • One of the primary qualities of the Modul’access structure's system is its adjustability.

The customer's opinion

« This is not the first time we have called for tenders for providing our access and working at height solutions for the maintenance of our tactical vehicles. Tubesca-Comabi is often selected for the originality, adjustability and reliability of its solutions. It also provides for installation and testing before final acceptance. »




Air force maintenance centre


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