Rouen Rectorate


Refurbishing of the rooftops, structure and roofing of the building classified as a historic monument.

The planned works called for the work area be completely sealed so as not to avoid any risk of infiltration in the event of bad weather and to allow roofing professionals to carry out work under the best possible conditions despite the capricious weather.
Another problem to be addressed was the very large surface area of this rooftop and the location of the building in an urban area.


Tubesca-Comabi preferred an innovative solution that had already been tested on another work site. An umbrella structure safely assembled on the ground and lifted by crane to be anchored to a free-standing scaffolding.

Major particularity:

  • A structure, self-stable at 8.50 m at the last anchorage point, and raised to a height of 22 m, had to be created.
  • Two 3m cantilever doors to accommodate the umbrella. Covered area 1000m², 25 m high at the ridge.
  • Umbrella dimensions 50 x 20 m.

This work was planned to be carried out in 4 stages over 3 years from 2013 to 2016. There was 4,000m² of structure for each section.

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