Maintenance in total safety

This aluminium gangway is designed for industrial maintenance professionals. Available with 5 to 8 steps and a 0.82 x 0.58 metre platform with a maximum height of 3.78 metres, it constitutes a perfectly safe support for work at heights. With its 80 mm steps, its two access handrails, its stabilising bases, its rigid guardrail and its built-in toeboards, it complies with the EN 131-7 standard and decree 2004-924. Its retractable wheels make it even easier to handle.
  • The rear stand enables the operator to get close to the work zone.
  • Self-closing gate.
  • Access ramps and stabilizer base.
  • The platform is designed for working above obstacles from 0.69 m to 1.34 m below flooring (depending on the product).
  • This model is much appreciated by CHSW for its reliability.
  • 820 x 580 mm platform with integrated toeboards (height: 150 mm).
  • Ribbed non-slip steps crimped in place (width: 100 mm).
  • Delivered pre-fitted with instructions. The platform is counted as a step

Max work / access height (m)

Ref : 02378005Platform height (m) : 1,13Designation : MAINTENANCE PLATFORM SINGLE LADDER 820 MM - 5 steps
Space under footrest : 0,69Product deployed height (m) : 2,13Number of rungs / steps : 5
Weight (kg) : 36,00kgWheelbase (m) : 1,46Work / access height (m) : 3,13m
EAN barcode : 3178740027490
Ref : 02378006Platform height (m) : 1,35Designation : MAINTENANCE PLATFORM SINGLE LADDER 820 MM - 6 steps
Space under footrest : 0,99Product deployed height (m) : 2,35Number of rungs / steps : 6
Weight (kg) : 37,00kgWheelbase (m) : 1,58Work / access height (m) : 3,35m
EAN barcode : 3178740027506
Ref : 02378007Platform height (m) : 1,56Designation : MAINTENANCE PLATFORM SINGLE LADDER 820 MM - 7 steps
Space under footrest : 1,22Product deployed height (m) : 2,56Number of rungs / steps : 7
Weight (kg) : 38,00kgWheelbase (m) : 1,70Work / access height (m) : 3,56m
EAN barcode : 3178740027513
Ref : 02378008Platform height (m) : 1,78Designation : MAINTENANCE PLATFORM SINGLE LADDER 820 MM - 8 steps
Space under footrest : 1,34Product deployed height (m) : 2,78Number of rungs / steps : 8
Weight (kg) : 39,00kgWheelbase (m) : 1,83Work / access height (m) : 3,78m
EAN barcode : 3178740027520
Technical featuresDescription
Max access / working height (m)3,78m
Dimensions platform (mm)820x580mm
Dimension stairs / steps (mm)100mm
Maximum load (kg)150kg
Warranty (years)5
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