The Tubesca-Comabi quality approach

To guarantee the best quality for its customers, Tubesca-Comabi has established a test laboratory built into the Ailly-sur-Noye production site.

Tubesca-Comabi's qualified technicians monitor the quality of all the company's product lines, from components to finished products. The laboratory works closely with certification bodies and our customers.

The laboratory operates in 5 areas:

  1. execution: tests to monitor product quality, compliance and certification

  2. metrology: calibrating the site's measurement equipment

  3. verification: suivi de la fabrication et contrôle des produits ;

  4. recording: saisie des résultats et gestion documentaire des essais ;

  5. continuous improvement: taking part in developing and improving test protocols

Our products comply with the many safety regulations in force in Europe.

The European standards EN 131 and EN 1004 and French standards PIR 93352 and PIRL 93353 impose criteria relating to design and production. They thus guarantee high-quality products.

Decrees 96 333 and 2004-924 are in force in France. Decree 96 333 imposes EN 131 compliance for ladders and stepladders.

Decree 2004-924 guarantees that the product meets minimum safety standards for the user.

Labels are not obligatory; they are the result of a voluntary effort on the part of the manufacturer. They are awarded by official laboratories certifying that products comply with the standards and decrees in force.

Certifications that guarantee the high level of quality of our products

Our ranges are tested by independent laboratories that guarantee the traceability of our products.

Tubesca-Comabi works closely with all the national and European bodies involved in standards and safety.

Tubesca-Comabi is also a member of the European and French height access committees and the scaffolding union.

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