Geneva worksite


A scaffolding structure combined with a temporary rooftop

The building's elevation on 2 levels, to a height of 6m, represented major masonry and steel structure work. In addition, external thermal insulation work (ITE) was carried out on the entire building.

The challenge: to build a scaffolding structure with a temporary rooftop to protect the work site during the work. This has now been done, through the use of a temporary crane-liftable protection system known as the "Master 2 umbrella".

The work was initiated in two stages: find out about the building by cutting through the slab of the existing rooftop terrace. Then cover it with the umbrella.



The solution designed by Tubesca-Comabi allows maintenance and elevation work to be carried out inside a waterproof structure. It is based on the use of an M368 8-position scaffolding and an umbrella from the Master2 range.

The structure has a height of 28m, so as to cover the 26m height of the elevated building. It is self-stable for the last 8 metres and can thus receive the umbrella modules.


Tubesca-Comabi produced all the drawings and design analysis reports for the Geneva site. The scaffolding is thus ideally suited and solves all the issues associated with elevation work. In particular, it withstands specific load classes ranging from 200 to 600 kg/m².

The Geneva work site also testifies to Tubesca-Comabi's ability to adapt: the scaffolding erection is 100% in compliance with applicable Swiss standards.


Facts and figures about the Geneva work site

  • two-phase process of 40 linear metres ("U")
  • 2700m² of scaffolding erected for each phase of the work
  • 800m² of umbrellas deployed to cover the building

Photos of the project


Geneva Worksite



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