Tubesca-Comabi proposes new ranges of guardrails for ensuring rooftop safety



To meet the needs of workers working at heights and waterproofers, or more generally of all those who are required to operate safely in such places, for maintenance operations, in particular but also architects in designing their projects, Tubesca-Comabi provides innovative solutions for ensuring the safety of all types of rooftops and terraces.

These are quality products, produced in France in accordance with current French and European standards.

These guardrails, whose design complies with the aesthetic appearance of buildings, provide the answer to two different problems: ensuring the safety of temporary work sites and above all ensuring the permanent safety of high rooftops and terraces. This is why Tubesca-Comabi offers two ranges: the Moment’Top range, designed to temporarily ensure the safety of rooftops and terraces, and the Horizon range, which permanently ensures safety.


The Horizon range: several products for permanently ensuring safety

This latter range meets two aims: ensure the safety at edge of terraces and rooftops that are not accessible to the public or accessible for maintenance operations, and ensuring the safety of accesses such as skylights.

To reduce the risk of falling from heights from the edge of rooftops and terraces, two types of guardrails are available: fixed and free-standing.

In the case of fixed guardrails, Tubesca-Comabi has designed three types of post supports: Z-shaped, platinum and surface-mounted to attach to various reception structures (parapets made of steel, concrete, stone or stringer). Once the type of fastening has been determined, it is also possible to select the type of post (straight or inclined) to preserve the building's aesthetic appearance.

Free-standing guardrails are recommended when fastening to the parapet or terrace is complex or impossible. They are installed directly on the walkway surface, thereby preventing all problems associated with waterproofing.

It is worth recalling that the use of free-standing guardrails is only possible on rooftops with a slope not exceeding 10°.

In terms of access, Tubesca-Comabi has developed guardrails for skylights (otherwise known as Skydomes). Indeed, accesses and passages are all places where accidents can occur. On a high rooftop or terrace, the danger is not only around the edge. Guardrails for skylights have been specially designed to provide protection against falling from heights (skylights, vents, zenith lighting). Consisting of free-standing barriers, they are available with or without a gate and can be fitted to any type of access (shape and size) by means of the 4 different barrier lengths.

In addition, Tubesca-Comabi has other systems for ensuring the safety of rooftops and terraces, such as cross-over walkways (cross-over ladders), designed for crossing over ventilation ducts or piping.

With regard to legislation, the products in the Horizon range (fixed guardrails, free-standing guardrails and guardrails for skylights) comply with French and European standards NF E 85-015 / EN ISO 14122-3, which define the characteristics of guardrails (dimensions, presence of baseboards, etc.).

Moment’Top: a range for temporary work sites

In addition to its Horizon range, Tubesca-Comabi also offers MOMENT’TOP products: temporary guardrails designed for work on rooftops and terraces, both new and renovated.

These steel guardrails can be fitted to various types of fastenings:

  • fastening to slabs and parapets
  • fastening to gables and edges
  • fastening to steel roof decks (tasks on dry panel rooftops: maintenance of solar panels, etc.).

Particularly suitable for waterproofing or maintenance work on solar panels, these steel guardrails also make it possible to ensure the safety of work on cap roofing.

Note: the use of this type of guardrails in ensuring the safety of waterproofing work in France requires the rooftop to be flat or the slope to be less than 10° (standard NF P 93-355). For construction or maintenance work (standard NF EN 13374 B) the slope must not exceed 30°, depending on the type of fastener selected.

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