High-capacity scaffolding lift. Half optional Extension.
  • Load 200 kg up to 32.00 m high.
  • Semi-automatic interlocking of the winch and containers (box, bucket, etc.) for quick, reliable installation.
  • Multi-modular body: 12 possible configurations with the "Modularity +" pack.
  • Removable winch for increased safety (no risk of theft).
  • 2.00 m ladder weighing only 12 kg; Oblong rungs ; Payload of 200 kg even in the vertical position; Knee support adjustment 0-60°; Useful length 32.00 m; Working angle to the ground 30 to 90°; Elevation speed 22 m/min; Winch: 1100 W - 230 V single-phase - PC board; Cable length 65.00 m - 5mm dia.; Disconnectable 24 V remote control; Lower limit switch on removable stop; Upper limit switch: via electrical sensor ; Safety: automatic cable slack-prevention; Power cable (not supplied)


Ref : 05022939Designation : Large capacity, wire-mesh scaffolding - hoisting crate - baseWeight (kg) : 49,38kg
EAN barcode : 3534740141732
Ref : 05022940Designation : Large capacity, wire-mesh scaffolding - hoisting crate - wire-mesh half-extension (to be used in pairs for a full extension)Weight (kg) : 18,40kg
EAN barcode : 3534740141749
Ref : 05022938Designation : MONTANA - Large capacity, wire-mesh scaffolding - hoisting crate - completeWeight (kg) : 67,80kg
EAN barcode : 3534740141756
Technical featuresDescription
Max access / working height (m)32,00m
Maximum load (kg)200kg
Warranty (years)2
StandardEN 12158/2
RecommendationsComply with the Machine Directive 2006-42-CE
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