Professional ladder lifts to meet the needs of the most demanding workers

Apache steel roofer pack for heavy-duty use and a working height of up to 20.00m. The product complies with the EN 12158-2 standard and is in compliance with Machinery Directive 2006-42-ce. Its maximum permissible load is 150 kg/m². 2-year guarantee.
  • Automatic lifting without effort and any additional pack.
  • Vertical lifting possible on R200 frame and M368 multidirectional facade scaffolding


Ref : 05011902Designation : APACHE "+5.00 m" Comfort packWeight (kg) : 32,00kg
EAN barcode : 3534740112053
Ref : 05011026Designation : APACHE 10.00 m Builder's pack (skip included)Weight (kg) : 175,00kg
EAN barcode : 3534740130743
Ref : 05011010Designation : APACHE 11.00 m with steel bend section and removable side panels on crateWeight (kg) : 121,00kg
EAN barcode : 3534740112046
Ref : 05011904Designation : APACHE Masonry pack (60L skip)Weight (kg) : 53,20kg
EAN barcode : 3534740112077
Ref : 05011905Designation : APACHE Shoring/mooring packWeight (kg) : 26,00kg
EAN barcode : 3534740112084
Ref : 05011903Designation : APACHE/NEVADA Roofing packWeight (kg) : 8,60kg
EAN barcode : 3534740112060
Technical featuresDescription
Max access / working height (m)20,00m
Maximum load (kg)150kg
Warranty (years)2
StandardEN 12158/2
RecommendationsComply with the Machine Directive 2006-42-CE
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