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The COMPACT fibre stepladder is a stepladder made of a combination of fibreglass and aluminium. It complies with EN 50528 and Decree 96-333 and is NF certified. Available with 3 to 7 steps, it provides safe access to heights of up to 3.61 m. Its steps are 80 mm deep, its tool holder has a bucket hook and its platform has an anti-folding hook all for a size of 250 x 250 mm. Extremely light and compact when folded, it is easy to transport and store. The 6- and 7-step models have two straps.
  • Ribbed non-slip 80 mm steps.
  • 250 x 250 mm platform.
  • Non-jamming aluminium hinges.
  • Rear stand wider than the climbing section for increased stability.
  • With the glass fibre uprights, work can be done in total safety without any risk of electric shocks.
  • 04472006 and 04472007 with 2 straps. The platform is considered as a step. Product delivered in plastic film.

Max work / access height (m)

Ref : 04472003Work / access height (m) : 2,69mNumber of rungs / steps : 3
Platform height (m) : 0,69Folded product height (m) : 1,45Product width at the base (m) : 0,52m
Mini requirements EN131 : 0,41Wheelbase (m) : 0,44Weight (kg) : 5,90kg
EAN barcode : 3178740027759
Ref : 04472004Work / access height (m) : 2,92mNumber of rungs / steps : 4
Platform height (m) : 0,92Folded product height (m) : 1,70Product width at the base (m) : 0,55m
Mini requirements EN131 : 0,44Wheelbase (m) : 0,46Weight (kg) : 6,90kg
EAN barcode : 3178740027766
Ref : 04472005Work / access height (m) : 3,15mNumber of rungs / steps : 5
Platform height (m) : 1,15Folded product height (m) : 1,95Product width at the base (m) : 0,57m
Mini requirements EN131 : 0,46Wheelbase (m) : 0,49Weight (kg) : 8,00kg
EAN barcode : 3178740027773
Ref : 04472006Work / access height (m) : 3,38mNumber of rungs / steps : 6
Platform height (m) : 1,38Folded product height (m) : 2,20Product width at the base (m) : 0,60m
Mini requirements EN131 : 0,49Wheelbase (m) : 0,51Weight (kg) : 9,40kg
EAN barcode : 3178740027780
Ref : 04472007Work / access height (m) : 3,61mNumber of rungs / steps : 7
Platform height (m) : 1,61Folded product height (m) : 2,45Product width at the base (m) : 0,63m
Mini requirements EN131 : 0,51Wheelbase (m) : 0,54Weight (kg) : 11,00kg
EAN barcode : 3178740027797
Technical featuresDescription
Max access / working height (m)3,61m
Dimension stairs / steps (mm)80mm
Length of foot rests (mm)250x250mm
Maximum load (kg)150kg
Warranty (years)2
StandardEN 131
Decree96333. Warenwet
RecommendationsElectrical test complies with EN 50528
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