The emergency ladder for outside access

This fixed aluminium ladder with hooks is especially designed for firefighters and complies with the EN 1147 and NIT 331 standards. It can quickly be attached to balcony-type supports and offers access to heights of up to 5.18 metres.
  • Specific for emergency and rescue professions.
  • This model with its upper hoop hooks provides the highest level of safety for professionals.
  • Designed for use vertically and on the outside of frontages.
  • Provided with hooks to be fitted to frontages for access via balconies.
  • The single fixed and single folding ladders can carry 1 person at the most.
  • The standard for these models is very specific. It is accompanied by a technical note for this use. Their use in the construction or maintenance field is prohibited.

Max work / access height (m)

Ref : 02411901Product deployed height (m) : 4,28Number of rungs / steps : 14
Weight (kg) : 7,00kgSection : 57Min work / access height (m) : 5,18m
Max work / access height (m) : 5,18mEAN barcode : 3237170003907
Technical featuresDescription
UseUltra intensive
Type of floorFlat floor
Max access / working height (m)5,18m
Maximum load (kg)150kg
Warranty (years)5
StandardEN 1147
DecreeNIT 331
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