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The Platinium 500 Agrip aluminium ladder has 2 sections and a rope-operated extension system for access to heights of up to 13.13 metres. Its adjustable stabilising base, rotating pads, reinforced uprights and angled rungs make this the highest-quality ladder on the market. It complies with the EN 131-6 standard and decree 96-333. It has the NF, GS and VGS quality labels.
  • Rungs are angled for providing a flat surface for standing on under the most comfortable conditions.
  • The upper section is fitted with non-marking rubber guide wheels to facilitate deployment against a facade.
  • Rapid, intuitive stabilizer arrangement for increased stability.
  • The articulated shoes provide perfect stability for this very high ladder.
  • The soles on the footpads are drilled to enable professionals to nail the ladder to the ground if they so wish.
  • This ladder is very popular for roofers.
  • Angled 30x30 mm rungs. Feet are on a flat surface.

Max work / access height (m)

Ref : 02532311Folded product height (m) : 2,98Product deployed height (m) : 4,98
Number of rungs / steps : 2x11Weight (kg) : 20,50kgWidth with stabilizers open : 1,25
Section : 76Min work / access height (m) : 3,88mMax work / access height (m) : 5,88m
EAN barcode : 3178740162559
Ref : 02532313Folded product height (m) : 3,48Product deployed height (m) : 5,98
Number of rungs / steps : 2x13Weight (kg) : 23,00kgWidth with stabilizers open : 1,25
Section : 76Min work / access height (m) : 4,38mMax work / access height (m) : 6,88m
EAN barcode : 3178740162566
Ref : 02532316Folded product height (m) : 4,23Product deployed height (m) : 6,98
Number of rungs / steps : 2x16Weight (kg) : 27,00kgWidth with stabilizers folded : 0,61
Width with stabilizers open : 1,25Section : 76Min work / access height (m) : 5,13m
Max work / access height (m) : 7,88mEAN barcode : 3178740162573
Ref : 02532318Folded product height (m) : 4,73Product deployed height (m) : 7,98
Number of rungs / steps : 2x18Weight (kg) : 29,50kgWidth with stabilizers open : 1,25
Section : 76Min work / access height (m) : 5,63mMax work / access height (m) : 8,88m
EAN barcode : 3178740162580
Ref : 02532320Folded product height (m) : 5,23Product deployed height (m) : 8,98
Number of rungs / steps : 2x20Weight (kg) : 35,00kgWidth with stabilizers open : 1,27
Section : 90Min work / access height (m) : 6,13mMax work / access height (m) : 9,88m
EAN barcode : 3178740162597
Ref : 02532322Folded product height (m) : 5,73Product deployed height (m) : 9,98
Number of rungs / steps : 2x22Weight (kg) : 41,50kgWidth with stabilizers open : 1,27
Section : 101Min work / access height (m) : 6,63mMax work / access height (m) : 10,88m
EAN barcode : 3178740162603
Technical featuresDescription
UseUltra intensive
Type of floorFlat floor
Max access / working height (m)10,88m
Maximum load (kg)150kg
Warranty (years)5
StandardEN 131
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