Multi-functional steel scaffold for indoor and outdoor use

The Generis 750 is a mobile scaffold made of welded galvanised steel with a 190 x 65 cm platform, giving it great stability and making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its Ø 200 mm adjustable wheels allow it to be adjusted to any type of surface. Its folding base, one-piece guardrails and tray floors allow it to be set up very quickly and safely. It is NF certified and EN 1004-1 compliant. The Generis 750 can work up to heights of 13.5m.
  • Assembly of rails and trays by one person in total safety.
  • Optional staircase kit and wheel adjustment to compensate for any unevenness.
  • Craning possible with the optional kit.
  • Optimised storage in the Generis rack (not for 9 and 11,5 m platform models)
  • One-piece folding cross base for easy set-up by just one person.
  • Tray floors with integrated toeboards and grip handles for easy installation.
  • The diameter of the wheels (200 mm) makes this product suitable for congested work sites.

Max work / access height (m)

Ref : 03012020Work / access height (m) : 5,00mProduct overall height (m) : 4,10m
Platform height (m) : 2,80Number of platforms : 1Stabilizers folded length : 2,31
Stabilizers deployed length : 4,28Weight (kg) : 179,00kgEAN barcode : 3534740174723
Width with stabilizers folded : 0,85
Ref : 03012021Work / access height (m) : 8,00mProduct overall height (m) : 7,10m
Platform height (m) : 5,80Number of platforms : 3Stabilizers folded length : 2,31
Stabilizers deployed length : 4,28Weight (kg) : 311,00kgEAN barcode : 3534740174730
Width with stabilizers folded : 0,85
Ref : 03012022Work / access height (m) : 11,00mProduct overall height (m) : 10,10m
Platform height (m) : 8,80Number of platforms : 4Stabilizers folded length : 2,31
Stabilizers deployed length : 5,20Weight (kg) : 430,00kgEAN barcode : 3534740174747
Width with stabilizers folded : 0,85
Ref : 03012023Work / access height (m) : 13,50mProduct overall height (m) : 12,60m
Platform height (m) : 11,50Number of platforms : 5Stabilizers folded length : 2,31
Stabilizers deployed length : 6,80Weight (kg) : 570,00kgEAN barcode : 3534740174754
Width with stabilizers folded : 0,85
Technical featuresDescription
Type of floorFlat floors plus an optional kit for use on offset flooring
Max access / working height (m)13,50m
Platform length (m)1,90m
Platform width (m)0,65m
Floor space length (m)2,31m
Floor space width (m)0,85m
Max load (kg / m²)200kg/m²
Warranty (years)5
StandardEN 1004-1
Decree2004/924 ; DRT 2005/08
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