Insulated unit for working at medium height

Mixed aluminium/fibreglass 2-section hand-operated extension ladder providing access to a height of 7.04m. Its stabilising base with reinforced footpads, its safety hooks and its deployment wheels provide safety and ease of use. It complies with the EN 131, EN 50528 standards and the Decree 96-333 and is NF certified.
  • Perfect insulation against electric shocks.
  • Very lightweight product with aluminium rungs.
  • Simple, intuitive handling.
  • Polyamide insert to prevent any jamming when the 2nd section is sliding into position.
  • Delivered in plastic film.

Max work / access height (m)

Ref : 04322408Folded product height (m) : 2,41Product deployed height (m) : 4,18
Number of rungs / steps : 2x8Weight (kg) : 15,00kgWidth with stabilizers open : 0,81
Section : 66Min work / access height (m) : 3,31mMax work / access height (m) : 5,08m
EAN barcode : 3178740162511
Ref : 04322410Folded product height (m) : 2,97Product deployed height (m) : 5,30
Number of rungs / steps : 2x10Weight (kg) : 18,00kgWidth with stabilizers open : 0,91
Section : 66Min work / access height (m) : 3,87mMax work / access height (m) : 6,20m
EAN barcode : 3178740162528
Ref : 04322412Folded product height (m) : 3,53Product deployed height (m) : 6,14
Number of rungs / steps : 2x12Weight (kg) : 21,00kgWidth with stabilizers open : 1,01
Section : 66Min work / access height (m) : 4,43mMax work / access height (m) : 7,04m
EAN barcode : 3178740162535
Technical featuresDescription
UseUltra intensive
Type of floorFlat floor
Max access / working height (m)7,04m
Maximum load (kg)150kg
Warranty (years)2
StandardEN 131 ; EN 50528
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