Mobile maintenance walkway on railway


To provide safe access to TER (Regional Express Train) windshields.

  • Some maintenance operations on power cars are made on the "nose" of the car that is difficult to access and are done under conditions such that there is a risk of falling from a height above the ground.
  • The large numbers of units to be inspected and particularly windshields to be replaced makes it necessary to use mobile, easy-to-handle and easy-to-use work platforms. Standard work platforms do not satisfy these safety and usage requirements.


A tailored product created through cooperation between the TUBESCA COMABI design office and SNCF's technical services.

A precise response to the customer's specification:

  • A maintenance walkway including all necessary safety elements: rails, intermediate rails, wide slip-resistant steps, retractable gate.
  • A mobile work walkway provided with a double chassis for movement on normal ground or on the railway, on special wheels similar to rolling stock wheels.


SNCF Maintenance CENTRE


Maintenance and servicing of TER regional express trains


Rennes (French Department 35)

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